Saturday, February 2, 2013

Porject 365 - Day 32: My first DSLR

Lo & behold, my first DSLR.
How do you justify buying something you don't absolutely need??

By saying you aboslutley need it ofcourse!

So yesterday I went on and splurged on this new Nikon D5200. All my life savings are now happily gone.

When the salesman was explaining about how good this camera is, things like shutter speed, focal distance, lens, ISO, I was like @# $%^&*, dude slow down, I just need to take some good pictures.

But now that I've had it for one day.. Well, am already in love.

Now the question is, how do you justify buying some more accessories that you don't absolutely need for the thing that you didn't absolutely need in the first place..
What can i say? Am a girl who loves her gadgets.

P.S. I know its ironic that I took this picture with my crappy iphone camera, where as i just spent a mini fortune on that thing.

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