Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project 365 - Day 31 : Froyo adventures and infidelity

Pictured above, is my husband having a frozen yogurt. An innocent meal to some, maybe even a cute photo. But there is one problem with this picture. I was not with him! Many would argue about how to define infidelity. It our house infidelity is when one of the two partners has a meal, especially dessert, without the second partner. That is infidelity.

Things would have been very smooth had my husband not teased me by sending a photo of his froyo adventure. That can be grounds for divorce for some couples.

Needless to say, dear hubby had a lot of explanation to do when he got him.

You know the saying an eye for an eye?

Well dear hubby, you'll never know when I hit back and retaliate ;)

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