Friday, January 25, 2013

Project 365 - Day 25: French Macarons

There is a trend that's been going around the web for the last few years. 365 day project. This is a project where as individuals like me for example, choose to take a picture everyday of the year and post a photo about it everyday to social networking sites,blogs, journals, etc... In short, its a one photo a day project. The goal is to look back these photos in the end of the year and capture the essence of the year..

So, starting today,( technically yesterday) I'll start my 365 day project. Everyday I'll post a photo about something interesting or  exciting or something that caught my attention, made my day, or ruined it. U know me, its probably going to be mostly food but it doesn't have to. It can be anything I feel worth remembering next year..

There will be days where miss, and I'll hate myself for it. There will be days where the pictures will suck, but I'll get over it.. There will be days where I want to quit, but I won't.. Bottom line this is a huge commitment, and am going to stick to it. So please wish me luck.

Today am posting this picture of the famous french macarons.

I just love macarons. They are colorful, joyful, melt in your mouth goodness.. Their soft meringue texture, the filling..

Am posting this picture because until now fear of failure has stopped me from making macarons. I have terror fascinations of how horrible mine will turn out.. I hope one day in the next 342 days remaining I try to make it myself at home. Make a use of that expensive silicone mat designed to help non daring bakers like me..  Or that Macarons book written by Pierre Hermes... Or that very expensive Thermomix that supposedly transfers making macarons into a breath. I'll use them all one day to make macarons... I hope.

This was yesterday's inspiration, starting today I'll  post into my 365 project, which is not techinally a 365 day project, since I missed 23 days, but whatever. I won't judge myself.

If you're intersted in such project, check these links:

Till tomorrow...

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