Monday, December 31, 2012

A recap of 2012: My view of the most important event of the year

Am convinced that i was in coma during 2012. Never in my life have i ever been more disconnected from what's going on in this world. Therefore, I have created this list of the top 10 things that i remember about 2012.

  1. The Artist, is silent French black and white movie that won 5 academy awards. It is the first silent movie to win an academy award since 1929! Am still baffled by how this happened.
  2. Britannica discontinued its print edition on March 13, 2012. After 244 years of being in the business! I blame Wikipedia.
  3. The Olympics were held in London. Did you know that women's boxing was included in the competitions at this Olympics for the first time? Am not into women's boxing or any boxing, but anyway, 27 million viewer viewed the opening ceremony. I was not one of the 27 millions.

  4. Fed up with Frenzy New parenting method: Slow Parenting. Read the book. It will change your life. Even if you dont agree with all the principles, bottom line is, give yourself a little break.
  5. Felix Baumgartner !!! This guy is fearless. On October 14, 2012 he jumped over 39 kilometers above the earth. he set the world record for sky diving & he broke the sound barrier "without vehicular power on his descent". I dont know what the term quoted means, but he did more in one day, than I'd probably do in a lifetime. I have nothing but respect for this man.
  6. Instagram: I think Instagram is the best invention since sliced bread. In 2012, there were two major highlights for Instagramers. First, it became avaliable to Andriod users. The second major highlight is the huge debate that raised when they recently announced new changes to their privacy policy giving the company the right to selling photos to third parties. Luckily the company backed down on this modification.  Feel free to follow my account @ibakeq8

  7. Nasa has successfuly landed on the red planet. Curiosity Rover landed on Mars on Aug 5th 2012. Honestly am clueless to what Curiosity Rover discovered, but give me a robot landing on a planet on any day, and you have my attention.
  8. Dina Manfredini, died on December 17th 2012. She lived to be 115 years old! At the time of her date, she was the oldest person verified living. Alas, she held the record of being the oldest living person for 13 days only.
  9. Best Video of the Year: Ganga Style. Over 1,000,000,000 (one billion) views till now. Yes, one billion. I bet 99% of them have no idea what on earth he was talking about.
  10. Newsweek magazine is going digital. No more print issues for this classic starting from 2013. 

Did i miss anything? Feel free to leave your comment of what was the major event for 2012.

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